English Summary

For our foreign readers, a short summary about RLH and our tickets!

So you think you can run? Alright, but do you think you can outrun a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies!? While challenging, awesome obstacles are slowing you down? Good, because that is what it takes to survive the Run Like Hell zombie-infested obstacle course.

Run Like Hell is an obstacle run combined with a festival. Can you survive 3 miles full of zombies, natural barriers and man-made obstacles and make it to the quarantine zone? Congratulations, you’ll be an official survivor! You can’t make the quarantine zone because you lost all of your lives? Alas, you’ll be infected and soon undead. Whatever your fate will be, you can join the spectacular festival that is taking place the whole day, full of live music, booths and refreshments.

This sensational event will take place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands on September 6, 2014 – providing YOU support us! If we sell enough tickets within 90 days with our unique crowdfunding presale, you’ll be running for your life next year.


Run Like Hell will be funded by you, the crowd. To organize the event we’ll need to gather at least €100,000. If that succeeds, the end of the world as we know it will happen next year. If it doesn’t succeed, the event will NOT take place (and you won’t have to pay anything). Any surplus will be used to make Run Like Hell even bigger and better (e.g. more stages, bigger / more obstacles).

By buying a ticket, you give permission to automatically withdraw the ticket price from your bank account once the goal of €100,000 has been reached within the crowdfunding period. If the goal can’t be accomplished, the permission will expire and you won’t lose any money. So no risks for you!
If you have a foreign bank account, no worries, send us an email and we will make sure you get your ticketreservation! 
The crowdfunding period is over and our discount-tickets and special rewards are no longer available. Till 1st of March 2014 you can buy a presale-ticket!

Order a Run For Your Lives sport shirt along with your ticket for only €10 (€17.50 retail value).
All tickets and rewards until March 1, 2014

€15 The Access Card
“You’re clear!” You’ll be granted access to the Run For Your Lives festival ground, the Quarantine Zone. Watch your friends survive the obstacle run (or not) and enjoy our party! Live music, DJ’s, drinks and good food, we have it all!
(Note: you cannot participate as zombie or runner with this ticket).

€34 Zombie Ticket (1 x participation as zombie)
You’ve been infected and officially undead! With this ticket our experts from the ‘Zombie Hospital’ will transform you into a horrifying brain-eating zombie! Become a part of the zombie horde, chase the runners (or shamble around) and try to take as many life flags as possible from the runners.
* including ‘The Access Card’ (access to the festival ground)
* including professional transformation into a zombie
Only 250 tickets available

€44 Runner Ticket
Crawling through mud, surmounting obstacles and being chased by bloodthirsty zombies… the fate of the world is in your hands. Will you survive the zombie horde?
* including ‘The Access Card’ (access to the festival ground)

€69 Zombie & Runner Package
This package will give you the total Run Like Hell experience. You will participate once as a runner and try to reach the finish with at least one life flag. Afterwards, you will be professionally transformed into a zombie in the ‘Zombie Hospital’ and you’ll enter the obstacle ground in undead mode. Goal: take as many life flags from runners as possible.
* including ‘The Access Card’ (access to the festival ground)
* including professional transformation into a zombie